December 2017

December 18, 2017


The only thing I want to know is where is all my money!!! Washington and gang need to tell me where is my money, you have not problem hacking into my websites and blaming others!!! I know you have ... Read More »

December 18, 2017 0

December 18, 2017

I am simply lost for words

As I spend all day working, weeks and $1000’s on this Website I’m simply lost for Words!!! Something is really wrong with this entire picture!! I need a long break, because the bread only butter for one side!!! This is a true ... Read More »

December 18, 2017 0

December 7, 2017

YOVANA On ReverbNation

Thanks to all of you who have been following my over the pass 5 years! I am truly impress with how some of you have been able to encompass some of my aspects into your own musical work!!! I truly ... Read More »

December 07, 2017 0

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