Reflective-Records Is Now Back Under AGME TS Records

As a result of the many complications experienced in the Release of Under The Stars YOVANA, Reflective-Records will be directly Reporting  to AGME TS Records, and all Distribution will have to be approved by AGME TS Records.

Therefore, any new staff members, labels and artists will have to be Approved by AGME TS Records, prior to the Release of an Album and Acquisition of any new artists.

We are looking for four new Artists as well as an executive producer to mange the Reflective-Records Office in Springfield MA. This is an excellent opportunity for any upcoming producer to obtain daily management skills as well as negotiation, contract, law and Business Operations. We are looking for a dynamic individual that will be able to produce 4 Albums by the end of the years as well a demonstrate effective leadership abilities.

The producer future will be determine on how quickly he or she is able to adjust to a complex and dynamic Entertainment Industry. He or she most have the ability to understand Trends as well a developing a Strong Brand. These skills are critical in a rapidly changing Global Market place, therefore, quickly identifying opportunities is a most!


Please contact Reflective-Records at 413-417-6661 or email AGME@Reflective-Records.COM




Executive Management



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