The only thing I want to know is where is all my money!!! Washington and gang need to tell me where is my money, you have not problem hacking into my websites and blaming others!!! I know you have direct connections with all my businesses, websites, and national security tracking.

Oh you left office and things went from bad to worse and everyone getting rick at my expense, well that can’t keep happening!!! The four of you are simply a disgrace to our country!!! The three branches of office was establish to protect the american people but instead, they work against their own citizen!!! The courts can’t help up, then who can help up!!!

You all have the dam nerves to sit back and laugh at me as if nothing has ever happened. How dear a scum bag like you sit back and laugh at me!!!

You are a sick person and require immediate medical attention. You need help!!! You think its funny destroying my life, well!!!


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